Hard Money Loans Fort Lauderdale

Hard Money Loans for Commercial Real Estate Investing and Flipping Houses in Fort Lauderdale

When you’re looking to flip a commercial or residential property, you know time is the essence, and hard money loans are the way to go. When the market is hot, or you have a prime location such as here in Fort Lauderdale, you’re competing against other potential buyers who have cash offers or quick money available. Also, you have a business to run, which means you need the cash flow and can’t sit around waiting for a bank loan. This is where hard money loans in Fort Lauderdale work for the right investor who knows a good deal and how to flip quickly.

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Hard Money Loans for Residential Real Estate

We all know that real estate in Fort Lauderdale is hot. Character, nightlife, beach, fishing, culture, and more. It’s hard to believe how fast residential real estate in Fort Lauderdale can move. So when it comes time for you to find your hard money loans in Fort Lauderdale, know that Graceful-Lending is your best bet to find the right lender. Why? Because you’ll get the best deal.

Imagine knowing you can walk in with an offer and you will have your best chance to make a profitable flip even if the purchase price is high. How will you have this confidence? Because Graceful-Lending is going to get you the best pricing you can find on hard money loans in Fort Lauderdale. If you have a letter of intent from another lender, we’ll beat it.

Getting the best rates for hard money loans should always be part of your investment strategy, and you’re going to get the best hard money loan pricing from Graceful-Lending.

Hard Money Loans for Commercial Real Estate

What comes with a rush of new growth? The chance to leverage commercial real estate using hard money loans.

Hard Money Loans Fort Lauderdale commercial buildings and skyline

Hard money loans are the most mentioned ways of financing for commercial real estate. And once you get the hard money loan for commercial real estate in Fort Lauderdale, you’re going to want to do one of two things – increase the value quickly for selling or receive rental income to offset your hard money loan payments. Going in with the best pricing on your hard money loans will set you up for how quickly you can make a return. Some of the best options for using hard money loans for commercial real estate include:

  • Multifamily rental units
  • Office space
  • Industrial locations
  • Retail spaces
  • Hotel property

Of course, the more value you bring to your commercial real estate in Fort Lauderdale, the better success you’ll have in your investment strategy. You can feel confident in your purchase with hard money loans when you have Graceful-Lending on your side.

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Hard Money Lenders in Fort Lauderdale Florida

The housing crisis created an excess of housing and commercial real estate from 2008 to 2010. However, this also halted building while the population around Fort Lauderdale continued to grow. Today, Fort Lauderdale has one of the lowest house vacancy rates in the area and rising rents as more people move. Rents now average around $1,782. Much of the rising growth is actually from just south of Fort Lauderdale as former Miami and North Miami residents move to Fort Lauderdale.

It's no wonder why so many choose to invest in real estate in Fort Lauderdale, FL. If you are looking for hard money loans, reach out and contact Graceful-Lending today!