House Flipping Loans, Private Money Lenders for Real Estate, and Commercial Real Estate Lending in Deerfield Beach, FL

House Flipping Loans in Deerfield BeachLet’s talk about all the opportunities for real estate investing and flipping in Deerfield Beach. This is one area that is becoming a quick draw for people moving to South Florida. The location on the beach, fun restaurants, and different options in housing make this a great area for new residents and those taking advantage of flipping houses.

When you have a property under contract, you know the next step is securing your real estate loan for Deerfield Beach. To leverage the opportunity, you’re going to need the right financing for flipping houses at the right price. One of the best ways is to shop around for different private money lenders for real estate. An even better way is to have someone do the shopping for you by going to different private lenders for real estate and finding the best deal.

Financing for Flipping Houses, Fix and Flip Loans for Deerfield Beach

Fix and Flip Loans for Deerfield BeachWe primarily work with those real estate investors that have experience and know what they need to bring to the table to get approved quickly. For those who are new to financing for flipping homes, we can walk you through the different documents and information you’ll need to bring to us for your approval. The faster you can gather the information, the faster we can get different fix and flip loans for you.

In order to start working with one of our commercial real estate lending partners, here is some of the information we will need to get from you to find the right commercial real estate loan:

  1. Borrowers’ information
  2. Property address
  3. Purchase price/Rehab cost/ARV
  4. Property under contract (required)?
  5. How quickly do you need/want to close?
  6. How much do you plan to make on this deal?
  7. Approximate credit score?
  8. Any foreclosures or bankruptcies in the past year?
  9. If I were to look in your bank account today, what would you think the average balance would be?
  10. Do you own any other properties outright (for collateralizing)?
  11. Any other noteworthy financial assets (retirement accounts, 401k, IRA, Bitcoin, etc.)?
  12. How many deals like this have you done in the last year or so?
  13. How much did you make on your last deal?
  14. What funds do you have right now to put into this deal?
  15. How will you cover the reserve requirement (minimum 3 months of loan payments visible)?

Hard Money Loans for Deerfield Beach

Deerfield Beach was named for the once abundant population of deer in the area. These deer have been replaced by a growing number of residents flocking to the area. In fact, the population of Deerfield Beach has been growing by approximately 15% every decade. One of the best attractions in Deerfield Beach is the Deerfield Pier. This is a great spot for fishing and sight-seeing. The pier also has its own underwater camera and often spots colorful fish and the occasional curious turtle. Ready to buy and flip a house in Deerfield Beach? Learn more about hard money lending and reach out to Graceful-Lending today!