Commercial Real Estate Loan, Financing for Flipping Houses, and Private Money Lenders for Real Estate in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Private Lenders for Real Estate in Fort LauderdaleFlipping houses is a fast business that depends on the right investor who can quickly project plan and has the right connections for renovating at the right price. The best way to move a house flip quickly in Fort Lauderdale is to secure the financing quickly. Most real estate investors do this through a commercial real estate loan or hard money loan. Both use the house as collateral and will not only fund the purchase price of the home but also the rehab costs. When an investor has the skills for flipping a house, then commercial real estate lending and hard money lending provide the resources for taking advantage of a great opportunity.

If you are a seasoned flipper looking for the best opportunity in financing for flipping houses, then we want you to know about the advantages of working with Graceful-Lending.

  1. Access to 135 lenders
  2. Less paperwork
  3. Respond to inquiries within 24 hours
  4. Quick approval and flexible terms
  5. Will beat any letter of intent

We know you are looking for the best house flipping loans that will bring the most from your hard work. Getting the best pricing for fix and flip loans is one of the ways to accomplish this. We want to be your go-to partner in commercial real estate lending and will beat any letter of intent that is going to build a long-lasting partnership.

Hard Money Lending and Private Lenders for Real Estate in Fort Lauderdale

Hard Money Lending in Fort Lauderdale, FLIf you are a first-time flipper in Fort Lauderdale, then we will help you to find the private money lender you need for your first flip. We will go to several of our 135 private money lenders for real estate to find the one that matches your financing needs and your profile. No matter if you have a low credit score, there is a private money lender for you. If you do happen to find a better rate, we will beat any letter of intent.

We have been in the financing business for 20 years and have helped many investors with their first house flipping loans. Let us work with you to bring all the necessary documents and information you need to start the process.

Commercial Real Estate Lending and Financing for Flipping Houses in Fort Lauderdale, FL

As appropriately called “the Venice of America”, Fort Lauderdale has large amounts of water access - over 300 miles of waterfront. All this waterfront access is perfect for fishing, paddle boarding, recreational boating or just taking a ride on a water taxi. It’s also perfect for the right real estate investor as even the oldest and most run-down homes can command hundreds of thousands of dollars just by being located on a canal with ocean access. If you are interested in purchasing property in Fort Lauderdale and need help finding commercial real estate lending, Graceful-Lending can help!